Scottish Flytipping Forum

The Scottish Flytipping Forum (SFF) is made up of key stakeholders, whose businesses and services are affected by flytipping and organisations that have responsibility for the investigation and disposal of incidents of flytipping.

The aim of the SFF is to provide a strategic overview of the issue of flytipping and to promote joined up prevention and intervention measures to reduce flytipping in Scotland. The Forum supports enforcement but its main function is to act as a platform for establishing partnership working, networking and sharing ideas and best practice.

Representatives meet regularly to discuss and review matters relating to flytipping within their areas of interest, and concern themselves with the effect of relevant legislation, national policies and plans, organisational responsibilities and strategies, preventative and educational measures or campaigns, and mutually co-operative and efficient working procedures.

The group, through the chair, may make representations to the Scottish Government on issues arising and feed into strategic change. Along with an annual Action Plan to identify problems and solutions, with progress being reviewed at each meeting and the plan revised on an annual basis.

If you have any issues you would like raised at the next SFF meeting please email

The group also established the Dumb Dumpers campaign to discourage flytipping and provide a means for the public to report flytipping.

Currently the Flytipping Forum is facilitated and chaired by Zero Waste Scotland.

Membership of the Flytipping Forum is open to:

  • key stakeholders, whose businesses and services are affected by flytipping; and
  • organisations responsible for the investigation and disposal of many flytipping incidents.

Current members include:

National Fly Tipping Prevention Group

The Scottish Flytipping Forum has a place on the UK wide National Fly Tipping Prevention Group.

This allows the Scottish forum to share good practice, access additional resources and network with a wider field of practitioners all trying to reduce flytipping.

The group meets every three months and is currently chaired by DEFRA.