• Report it!  Your report is passed to the relevant enforcement agency for investigation. Reports should only be made for flytipping – flytipping is the illegal dumping of waste – from a bin bag of household rubbish to large quantities of tyres or construction waste. If you come accross flytipping do not do not interfere with waste material as it may be hazardous or potentially be used as evidence.

If you would like to report litter you should contact your Local Authority.


  • Re-use – Many household items could be sent for re-use before they become flytipped and given another life, if you have an item that you no longer require why not give the National Reuse phone line a call on 0800 0665 820 to find out if your item is suitable for re-use. The collection service is free of charge if the item is in a suitable condition.


  • Dispose of your waste legally – You have a legal responsibility (duty of care p.59) to dispose of your waste properly, if your waste is found to be flytipped you can face enforcement action. To ensure you comply with the regulations:

If you give your waste to someone who is not authorised and it ends up being flytipped by them you could be the one who gets fined.