Report it!

It is important that flytipping on your land is reported to allow it to be recorded and where possible investigated. Record as many details as possible and take photographs. Make sure the waste is secure and does not present a health and safety risk. Your report will be passed to the Local Authority and/or SEPA.

Clear it!

Although the Local Authority or SEPA may investigate the incident it is the land owner’s responsibility to remove it and dispose of it legally. Unfortunately you are likely to be charged for disposal. Your Local Authority should be able to provide advice. Ensure that you adhere to the Duty of Care regulations when disposing of the waste. Before you remove the waste you should check with the relevant authority that they have all the evidence they need for subsequent investigation.

Prevent it!

If you have ongoing problems with people flytipping on your land it is advisable to invest in prevention measures to deter flytipping. For example:

  • Physical improvements such as the installation of gates and barriers and improved visibility;
  • Better site management – keeping areas tidy and removing fly-tipped waste quickly;
  • Deterrence – this can be in the form of signage, CCTV, security lighting etc;
  • Working with others including your neighbours, local businesses and any existing partnerships.